Try our solar roasted coffee today!

About Us
Thank you for taking the time to review our company. specializes in roasting coffee and espresso using natural sunlight. Our parabolic dish magnifies the sun to perfectly roast each bean. We are located in Santa Barbara California. Try our solar roasted coffee today!

The Environment
Our company has the environment in mind. For every 1000 lbs we roast with the sun means we offset 117 lbs of carbon that is normally created to roast coffee under traditional natural gas methods.

The Coffee
Our solar roasted coffee stands in a class of its own due the the unique characteristics of roasting coffee with the sun at high temperatures. Our method of roasting uses all the visible spectrum and as much of the red and ultraviolet light that we can capture to penetrate the coffee bean creating a cleaner flavor. By using the concentrated sunlight directly on the coffee bean, the bean is out gassing but the light beam will go right through the coffee bean.